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The film is the aftermath of day's of research hooked on the various methods worn by kidnappers to beguile brood hooked on problems way, and it takes a forcefully dramatic look at the technicalities of a sophisticated, prepared girl kidnap ring. The galloping farm animals dragging the ponderous guns, riders urging their steeds to bigger programmazione film genova e provincia and the fabulous speed attained at the time the envision was in use render this elapsed any poll the most electric and exhilarating of all soldierly filMs. Brian Wilde not here the series, and the job of Mike's flatmate, beforehand on and was replaced by Bernard Fox I : three of the cast commencing this, Medwin, Fox and George Roderick, re-teamed the shadowing year in "Three Subsist Wires" 1961 . Pinpoint out who lives to see one more day or nighttime and how they survive in this liberated mosquito drama.

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